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Armor for MAC OS

1. Download Armor

To download Armor, please click here. Once downloaded, please open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Downloads folder like in the picture below

Double-clicking the file will reveal the ArmorInstaller app bundle like in the above picture.

2. Install Armor

Right-click to the ArmorInstaller bundle, select "Open" to run the installer.

Once the installer GUI shows up, please agree to the terms of service and click "Next" to continue.

Now, please enter your MAC user password, click "Confirm" to continue.

The installation goes on till it completes and shows you the summary like in the picture below:

Please click the "Finish" button to finish the installation and launch the Armor software. By now, you will see the Armor icon appears on top of the screen, inside the system tray, like in picture below:

Congratulations, the FiregateCS Armor software has been successfully installed. Please click on the Armor icon and select "Show main interface" to configure a security filter for your computer.

3. Select a public security filter

Please click the dropdown under the "Use filter" label to see 3 security filter options:

  • With the Allow everything option, Armor will not enfore any security filtering on your computer. You will be surfing the Web just like before with no protection. Note that, as an extra step of protection, enabling this option requires unlock password, which defaults to firegatecs. To change this default, simply click the Armor tray icon and select "Change Internet unlock password".
  • The HappyKids filter will block all websites with Adult, Violence and Drugs content, such that your children cannot visit those sites or come across them by accident. This filter will also enfore Safesearch, that means your children cannot search for inappropriate content (sex, drugs, violnce, etc) on popular search engines such as Google, Youtube, Yandex, Duckduckgo.
  • The PhishBlock filter will block any attempt to divert your Web browser to phishing / fraud Web sites, thus protecting you from losing important and private information, such as bank accounts, email passwords, social networks credentials and much more.
  • The AdFree filter prevents advertisements to be downloaded to your device right on the Cloud, thus saving you significant amount of bandwidth usage. At the same time, attempts to Web-track your online activities are also filtered out as you surf the Web, such that your privacy is respected.

Once you selected a filter, please click "Apply" button to finish the configuration. If you see no error showing up, it means Armor has been installed and configured successfully. Congratulations, you are now protected!

4. Verification and done!

Technological remark: Due to how Web browsers work, please restart your Web browser or clear its cache, so that unwanted Web content can be blocked immediately. For example, if you just (accidently) visited the pornography site, and you have configured Armor to use the HappyKids filter, FiregateCS might not block until after the browser has been restarted.

To visually check if you are protected by FiregateCS, please visit to see a message similar to the one in the screenshot below:

That is actually it! If you have more questions, please address to We are always happy to answer!

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