FiregateCS - The security Web content filtering service on the Cloud!

GETTING STARTED In Less Than 5 Minutes!

To get started with FiregateCS, we recommend you to try out our two free content filters: HappyKids and PhishBlock. The setup process is very simple and comes with two flavours: automated via the lightweight FiregateCS Armor ® software or manual via detailed step-by-step guides. In either case, it takes no more than 5 minutes to get you started!

For more advanced usage, please check out our service plans here for details.

Setup guides

Automated setup via Armor ® software

The FiregateCS Armor ® software serves as a bridge between our users and the Firegate system on the Cloud. With its simple UI design, users can easily switch between different content filters with just 1 mouse click. Furthermore, Armor's lightweightness in resources consumption makes it almost invisible in daily usage of the users' device.

To connect Armor to our free content filter HappkyKids or PhishBlock (which requires no registration at all), please follow one of the guides in the below.

If you have already registered with us or are considering to do so, which offers more flexible protection options for completely free of charge (see here for more info), please follow your customized installation guide in the below:

Manual setup with guides

Following is a list of setup guides for popular operating systems, to connect your computer or network to one of our two free content filters, HappyKids and PhishBlock:

For advanced use cases such as using more content filters, define your own filters, multiple networks protection,.. Please check out our plans here. The activation guide tailored to your selected plan will be available in your Dashboard, after you login.

If you have questsions, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are happy to answer you!


To experience more advanced features and unlimited capacity to define Web content that you want to allow / block in your networks, simply choose from one of our plans here. We will be there 24/24 to answer your questions and support you throughout the setup process.